What Our Partners  Are  Saying . . .

  • God bless you and your seek to bring Him glory. May He continue to bless the work of your hands and pour out His Holy Spirit upon you.

    Karen Hawkins , UNITED STATES

  • Holy is The Lord our Savior Jesus Christ The Messiah, Israel of God it's Time and Now it is to Repent from ours sins and to come with humbles Hearts to Him, Maranatha Yeshua is Coming Soon!!! I Bless Jerusalem, Israel from my Heart. GOD IS WITH US!!!!!!!. Amen... Jose M Cruz Rodriguez.

    J Cruz Rodriguez , UNITED STATES

  • Thankful for the opportunity to support the work you are doing. Continue to share and teach Yah's Holy Word. Shalom

    Anonymous , UNITED STATES

  • I had been planning to send a gift for sometime however was unable to until now.

    D Gray , CANADA

  • C.Bolerjack - "Remuneration"

    Cristina Bolerjack , United States

  • Praying for the peace of Jerusalem and the salvation of it people. Thanks for your work K.Poenicke

    K Poenicke , UNITED STATES

  • We thank our Lord and Savior for the work your ministries are performing. Confident in your continued blessings, we anxiously await each newly translated book of the Holy Bible you produce.

    Joseph Holmes , United States

  • Anything that can benefit Man's Humanity to Man!

    P Bennett , UNITED STATES

  • I love GOD the Father, GOD the Son and GOD the HOLY Spirit. I love HIS Chosen Israel. As a fellow Chosen, I'm proud and happy to identifier with them. I love you all with the love of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. Remain blessed.

    Anonymous , UNITED STATES

  • You are doing a marvellous job for the Kingdom of God and His Son King Yeshua. Thank you and many blessings to you all. Shalom

    J Sarpong , United Kingdom