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  • JB-Keep up the good work!

    Jay Bobo , UNITED STATES

  • Hevenly Father I pray for peace in Israel & the Jewish nation will come to find Jesus & be saved I Also pray for my Brother and sisters who are working For the kingdom of God to come & are speaking words of life into the lives of the Jewish people may the Lord bless you and keep you & make his face to shine upon you and give you strength and peace Blessings Joseph wadhams

    J Wadhams , United Kingdom

  • Psalms:95

    Eric Bowen , United States

  • All we have has come from God and belongs to God. We are merely blessed with the stewardship of it. Freely we have had His grace bestowed on us and freely we should give. We consider it an honor and privilege to pass this grace on. Rabbi Schneider, you have proven to be a faithful servant of God, giving your life unto the proclamation of the gospel. May God be with you as you continue in His work... Shalom.


  • I'm trying as best as I can to support Israel and the Jews as much as I can. Would you please pray for my son Kelly. I have not seen him for many years. He has chosen not to see me for some reason and I miss him dearly. Thank you so much! Myron

    Myron Kline , UNITED STATES

  • I want to be a blessing to Israel and in doing so, be obedient to God's word and tap into the covenantal promises of blessing as well!

    Anonymous , Singapore

  • Shalom and greetings to you all dearly beloved of the Lord in Jerusalem We are Philip and Andre, two devout followers of Yeshua who are devoted to obey our Heavenly Father Gods word and live to worship Him in spirit and truth. Our one time offering is but a small mustard seed of faith which we give in faith that Jehovah Jirah (Philippians 4:19), will multiply THE SEEDS OF LOVE we are sowing (Luke 6:36-38), to support your to continue the ministry work and the Bible translations you are doing as faithful servants to the most High Lord of hosts. May the Grace of God abound to you and strengthen you with all might according to His glorious power in the inner man. We hold you in our effectual feverent prayers (James 5:16) through our Lord Jesus Christ. With kind regards L Ferreira 21 January 2019 Super Blood wolf moon solar eclipse https://youtu.be/X_YgdqmLeL8

    Luis Ferreira , United Kingdom

  • Love the Lord and support His desire for His people to truly know and worship their Messiah

    W Wheeler , Australia

  • I have searched in wonderment of my exsistance since I was 6years of age. My mother a Polish Russian and German Jew stopped her faith when her mom passed. She was 13 on the pagan Xmas when She died raised in a foster home she drifted into other directions. My moms parents were told she could never conceive a child. She had Turners Syndrome where there are more male cormazones then female. In 1966 she became pregnant to the Doctors surprise. U.C Hospital delivered the first child of my mothers condition me. My Dad African American or shall I say Mali Togo Ghana roots was not there to plant the seeds for my belief. Later my mom only due to tradgity brought me into the Synagogue of Sherith Isreal Temple. San Francisco California. I began prior searching out religion at 6 in the St.Marys Cathedrial on my own I frequently visited. Later involved myself with a convent next door to our residence were I became friends with a nun sister Mary. During that time My mom with my step father saw terr

    Susan Mcmath , United States

  • This is what I have been searching for.....waiting for....needing. Praise God for his grace, in Jesus' name.

    Anonymous , United States