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What Our Partners  Are  Saying . . .

  • I'm looking forward to seeing this Bible complete! Hope more Jewish people come to faith in Christ!

    Stephen Call, United States

  • God wants his beloved Jews to know their Messiah. As a gentile I have a duty to bless Israel

    S Scott, Australia

  • In Christ we are waiting to be made whole.

    Genelle Allen, United States

  • Isaiah 41:8-10 MSG God proclaims that He will give Israel strength He will help her and hold her steady, keeping her in His firm grip. I believe that God will do the same for anyone who believes

    P Molusi, South Africa

  • To share the Messianic prophecy for free is truly a blessing for many especially for me because I truly want to learn more and I want to do more to help those as fulfilling the promises of the Messiah, so thank you send me the free books the free Bible and you all continue to do the work of the Lord and I continue to be a part of this ministry or help in any way I can possible. This is all I had for right now, thank you very much. My name is Betty McGee

    Betty Mcgee, United States

  • I just like to help when I can for more people to hear about Jesus. I do believe we are definitely in the end of the end times. I covet the return of our Lord Jesus. I covet more souls for Christ.

    Anonymous, United States

  • “I will tell of the Lord’s unfailing love [chesed]. I will praise the Lord for all He has done. I will rejoice in His great goodness to Israel, which He has granted according to His mercy [racham] and love [chesed].” Isaiah 63:7

    Leyla Necla Suere, Germany

  • I want to support whatever and whomever is dear to God’s heart. The truth of Yeshua is of utmost importance not just for the Jewish people but for the world also. And God loves His people and has not forsaken them.

    W Thomas, United States

  • I believe in Jesus as the Messiah, the Christ, and I support those who believe the same. I do this to unite the body of Christ, in all places, as one.

    Pastor Gerald Waldron, United States

  • Shalom all. May the blessings of the Father overflow in you and in this project as well as the people of Israel.

    H Gherardini, United States