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What Our Partners  Are  Saying . . .

  • G-d of Jacob bless Israel!

    Matthew Tucker, United States

  • I love what Sean McDowell is doing and I have always wanted the messianic passages made more clear. Thank you for taking on the project!

    K Houst, United States

  • Thank you for all you do and for giving me a blessed place and some place where I know my money will be used to help people.

    Larry Keith, United States

  • Dear Israel Ministry Staff. May God greatly bless, strengthen and inspire you in the next stretch of this precious project! Furthermore I wish that you may find great joy and satisfaction in this holy labor of love (from the Father\'s heart) for His covenant people!

    J Pruis, Netherlands

  • After deep praying and reflecting, it is with a grateful heart that I am privileged to provide a small gift to Israel. May all who hear these words in the book chapter receive the gift of Faith through our Redeemer and Brother Christ Yeshua in whom I trust. For I too am a Messianic Jew who in the USA came to know Him from once saying Lord, God, Jesus to now YHWH, Yahshua, Ruach Hackadesh. My heart goes out to each Israeli and my prayers are always for Jerusalem where I hope one day I can visit and know it in a new way.

    Kenneth Charles Fortunah, United States

  • I would love to have one of your Bible Messianic I want to learn all about the Jewish version.

    S Kelly,

  • Your teachings are manna, food for the soul. V Stoddard.

    Victor Stoddard Sr, United States

  • Shalom to my brothers and sisters through Jesus our Lord. May His blessings be upon them and protection both day and night. Sincerecly Astrid from Canada

    A Smith, Canada

  • I love Israel because it is the birth place of Jesus my Saviour! We are one people one faith and one Lord. And mostly I learn a lot from Messianic Weekly Bible Study. M. C. Schwan

    Maria Cleofe Schwan Macapaz, Switzerland

  • I don\'t know how can I thank you for supporting me to pray. When I pray, I do not know why my prayers are answered so late. Pray for me so that my pray will be answered. Please pray for me that I may be safe in God\'s protection from the attacks of witches, the spell of those who attack me with magic. God bless you!

    V Khosravi , Australia