What Our Partners  Are  Saying . . .

  • May Those Who Bless Israel Be Blessed.

    Anonymous, United States

  • May the Lord bless you in reaching people to bring the light of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Anonymous, UNITED STATES

  • Araceli Arias thank you for the opportunity to obtain the precious gift of the bible in its original format blessings from our God to all whom made it possible amen.

    Araceli Arias, United States

  • Shalom, Shalom, Shalom, Jerusalem Peace Be To You. May The Lord Bless You From Zion! May You See Tiny Beloved Country Israel And Its Capitol Jerusalem Prosper All The Days Of Your Life. Peace Be With Israel. Jude, Nirmala, Anne, And Annya Our Daughters.

    J Fernando, CANADA

  • God bless you and all of your vital work. Proud to be a small part of the effort.

    Laura Inman, UNITED STATES

  • Loving Israel J. Wacker USA

    J Wacker, United States

  • Your emails are heartwarming and I am grateful that you are feeding me with words of life. May you prosper. May Israel prosper and have peace within its walls in the name of Yeshua Jesus. Amen

    Anonymous, UNITED STATES

  • Jesus is Lord and needs to be known by the Jewish people that He is their Messiah

    K Collins, UNITED STATES

  • I always wanted to have a Messianic Bible. I love Israel and has been to visit during December 2000 and January 2001.

    Sarah Van Den Heever,

  • I am born again and a follower of Jesus the Messiah. I believe in the word of God and stand with, pray and bless Israel, the children of Israel, and Jerusalem early every morning.

    M Van Loggerenberg, South Africa