What Our Partners  Are  Saying . . .

  • I would love to see God\'s chosen succeed in Jerusalem. Praise the Lord!! J. Cervantes

    John Cervantes , United States

  • God bless you! May he keep you! I would love to learn more about our wonderful Lord and Savior Yeshua (Jesus). My family have been searching to find a church that worships (God) Adonai on the Sabbath day. If possible we would love be apart of it. I\'m just a humble servant. All Glory goes to Adonai.

    T Hamby, United States

  • I am thankful to God for my blessings, and I want to share my blessings by blessing Israel!

    Bonnie Cook, United States

  • I love Israel and I pray daily that one day all Israel shall be saved ...

    J Chang, Taiwan

  • I would like to provide a gift to produce a bible that is in context to the original Hebrew translation

    Reynaldo Handog, United States

  • I believe in your ministry the love you show for God and the people how you can just go up to them and to speak to them about God and pray for them

    Anonymous, United States

  • Supporting a ministry is like planting a seed so that when it grows and harvest, God\'s people will hungry his words. Pray for me, I Jacqueline Kou Paye. I have English exam to be taken for my nursing licence before I can work as RN, so God give me the knowledge to pass it with the desire grows 70+. May God\'s words deliver those who will receive it. J. K Paye.

    Jacqueline Paye,

  • I love Israel. I thank God that He has provided me with the seed to sow and be able to give into the ministry fund.

    L Romaine, United States

  • It is my honor to support this vital ministry; thank you for the opportunity! God bless you for your work and devotion. And, may The Lord bless all that seek him with eyes to see, ears to hear, and an understanding heart. S. Dennis

    Steve Dennis, United States

  • Blessed so I can be a Blessing. Thank you.

    S Jones, United States