What Our Partners  Are  Saying . . .

  • Im looking forward to my free boble coming. Thank you

    F Miles , Australia

  • It is most important to me that everyone hears the Gospel and that everyone goes to heaven. I just want to do what little I can to help. Thanks for what you do!

    K Frantz , UNITED STATES

  • In G-d’s name.

    Diane Carlson , UNITED STATES

  • K. Mpuleleng. Thanks a lot

    K Decious , South Africa

  • It intrigues me to Gather as much information about God and my Lord and Saviour as I can!! And I know that a friend to Israel is a friend to God, I thank God for giving me the ability to have His wonderful Word available!!!

    Steven Ramputi , UNITED STATES

  • Shalom! May my small Purim gift bless the people of Israel. We are all blest because of her Thank you for Isaiah 62:1. It encourages me greatly. From Australia I say, Shabbat Shalom!

    Anonymous , Australia

  • For our Salvation.

    Anonymous , United States

  • I pray that my seed will bring healing to my country South Africa. R.Thulsi

    R Thulsi , South Africa

  • My name is Ceri (pronounced Keri). I am from USA. I am a Christian. I love and support the Jewish people. Jewish people are God's choose people by birth. Christians are God's people by faith. I love Jerusalem the true capital of the Jewish state of Israel!! Ceri

    Ceri Bramblett , United States

  • K.D. Mpuleleng. Thanks a lot for everything. Please help me always and take care of my family

    K Decious , South Africa