What Our Partners  Are  Saying . . .

  • God is alive! Amen!

    Anonymous , UNITED STATES

  • I am so inspired by Rabbi Cahn's books, the Harbinger and the Paradigm. Also his videos on YouTube. Such life!!!! Thank-you for your obedience! God bless you!

    A Poplin , UNITED STATES

  • I want my free Messianic bible. If I find that you follow through, then I will give more in the future.

    Christiane Konnerth , CANADA

  • Heavenly Father, Bless this Ministry - and the work for the sake of your first people - your love and eternal promise. in Yeshua Amen


  • I love and support Israel because it is the birthplace of my faith, my Messiah & his chosen people.

    Wanda Stevens , United States

  • Shalom ..... praise God for all you who bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people in Israel. Many blessings to you all! M.Roskell WEST AUSTRALIA

    M Roskell , Australia

  • TODAH Rabah, 4 everyday sending me wisdom, what I received today was HEAVEN sent. 444. Isaiah 44:5

    Israel Vollentine , United States

  • I’m a christian n I want to know more about a spiritual life..thanks for your awesome work..keep the faith alive.. God Bless you all..Maria .Saolele

    M Saolele , Australia

  • The feeling from my heart that came from reading the teachings of this website. Truly a feeling and direction from God. The hand of God is over this project, you can FEEL it.

    Anonymous , United States

  • I am excited to see what Gods people can do when everyone from all faiths alike come together and see prophecy take place in this time of my life. I pray to see my people of Israel to come to know Yeshua as I have and will have faith in our Messiah May His message be reached out to the ends of the earth to the Jew first ...... R .Anderson

    R Anderson , UNITED STATES