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What Our Partners  Are  Saying . . .

  • I am learning a lot from the Jewish Yeshua.

    Paula Membreno , United States

  • I pray all the blessings of the Bible to be on you and your family.

    Anonymous, United States

  • He will ever leave you nor forsake you. God is always in control. In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. Resist the devil and he will flee.

    Shane Lafavor, United States

  • I so enjoy your weekly Shabat readings!

    C Owings, United States

  • I personally have been seeking truth. I started keeping the true Sabbath because I felt man had no right to change our Heavenly Father’s commandments. I am also not sure we should be doing a lot more that is instructed in the Bible/Scriptures. So if your book is the answer I will be very happy. Thank you!

    Donna Aumick, United States

  • I was so blessed from reading your teaching on Vayeitzei. Shabbat Shalom in Yeshua’s Precious Name.

    D Paul, United Kingdom

  • God is Able. Peace and Love!!

    Oluwafemi Durojaiye, Nigeria

  • God bless ?? ?? ??

    Anonymous, United States

  • Shalom. I give my monthly offering to my King of Glory.

    Estrellita Burrow, United States

  • I wish to become a Messianic Jew. I am a born again Christian and proudly proclaim, Jesus Christ as my Lord God and savior. I wish to get in contact with my Jewish Roots through Yeshua, our God.

    G Jr., United States