What Our Partners  Are  Saying . . .

  • We with my sister are very blessed from your ministry to God and always thank God for you and our prayer for all Israel is be saved by faith in Yeshua Hamahiah our Lord

    Iveta Kalaydzhieva , Bulgaria

  • Thx for Standing for the Truth.

    J Petrus , South Africa

  • Shalom

    Elizabeth Summerland , UNITED STATES

  • God Bless you, Always


  • Thank you for your Ministry, and also for this teaching on the Names of God God Bless in The Name of Yeshoua Aubert Djouka

    Aubert Djouka , France

  • “For Zion\'s sake I will not keep silent, for Jerusalem\'s sake I will not remain quiet.\" (Isaiah 62:1) Glory to GOD

    P Aman , United Kingdom

  • Am so glad you are endeavouring to spread the Gospel: words of Yahshua HaMeshiach, to my beloved brethren Israel. To whom the gospel was first preached. I love Israel and as a Christian I tell my fellow Christians to Love and Pray for Israel always, are mandated by the Scriptures. May Shalom HaMeshiach be with you always. Amen. Mr lL Ovonlen.

    Lee Ovonlen ,

  • I give blessings and grace to YAH for the work he is doing though this ministry may it be fruitful and blessed \"being filled with the fruits of righteousness, which are by YAHUSHA HA\'MASHIACH, unto the glory and praise of YAHUAH

    L Singh , Denmark

  • I am really excited to receive the Bible you guys are creating. Your daily devotions through email have been very helpful in my studies and I thank you. I appreciate your ministry. I hope to join the ministry in Israel with you guys one day as I follow my purpose in the way, the truth, and life of Jesus. Be blessed my brothers and sisters. Shalom.

    Marquis Green , UNITED STATES

  • We are grateful to be able to donate our passover and pentecost donations after a few difficulties. God is faithful. Please pray for our Ministry, Mountain of the Lord\'s House that we will be revived to obey and do what God has called us.

    M Mountain Of The Lord\'s House , United Kingdom