What Will This Bible Feature?

A Sefer Torah

An international editorial team of Jewish scholars and Rabbis working  alongside Christian/Messianic scholars will ensure that the Messianic Prophecy Bible is accurate historically, culturally, archaeologically, prophetically, theologically, apologetically, and stylistically cohesive. 

Special Features

Threaded throughout our Bible will be numerous articles on a variety of themes and topics.  Along with the Messianic Prophecies, we will have articles on:

  • Messianic Illustrations like the Akedah (Binding of Isaac) or the life of Joseph
  • Theophanies – times when God appeared in physical form
  • Themes like redemption, ritual purity, and deliverance
  • Word Studies and Phrases or Idioms that get lost in translation
  • Character Profiles found throughout the Bible
  • The Miracles
  • Stories of Deliverance
  • And so much more…

Other Features

  • Individual books arranged in the traditional order of the Tanakh (Hebrew Old Testament), making it more familiar to Jewish readers
  • Special sections highlighting fulfilled Messianic prophecies
  • Hebrew spelling of names with the English equivalent following
  • Notes explaining the archaeological, cultural, linguistic, and theological background of difficult to understand passages
  • Charts and summaries detailing Jewish historical, ritual, and doctrinal issues
  • Book Introductions giving time and place, major themes and outline


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